We are starting a monthly trunk sale on the first week of each month. Click Banner for FB page!

Welcome to our first Black Friday Sale!

Please join our Facebook Group Page for updates and specials for each week of each month 


We will be introducing new products, colors and designs each first week of the month.  Each month there will be a limited supply of these special products and will not be offered again until a later time...so that means if you like...make sure you buy it! 
 I will bring the remaining inventory out to my markets that month in the sizes and colors that didn't sell online.  Each month, I will be supporting a new "dog" cause and will be asking for feedback from you on who to support and offering free products and monthly giveaways!
I will deliver my items to the markets or ship if needed and you will have the option to chose deliver to "Bradenton Market" (or my others) for free!

Ruff Life has been so busy this year and I am excited to start introducing more lines of clothes and apparel that fit my customer base.  This online option makes things easy for all of us wanting a certain color or specials orders.  

Thank you for being so supportive and I am excited about our new items this year!  I hope you are too!

All proceeds from our sales are donated to Ruff Life Charities a 501C3 non profit helping more rescue dogs, shelters and rescue organizations.  We will post our monthly donation to our charity website