Ruff life was born from an experience I had with my 6 month old rescue dog named Jack.  You could see something serious going wrong with him and as we found out he needed a triple pelvic osteotomy which basically means a triple hip replacement on both hips.  This surgery is very rare with such a young puppy, but without it he would be in too much pain and putting him down would be the only other option.  Because I just didn't have $5,500 for this surgery, I didn't have any other option.

Someone I had just met down at the beach a few months earlier, heard my story and told me she would find a way to help Jack and that is EXACTLY what she did.  Because of Beth Castelli and the incredible generosity of friends and family, it changed the direction of my life. 

I have created a line of apparel for active dog lovers/owners.  All my human apparel is 100% original and of the highest quality I can find.  I provide all of my own embroidery on my products which gives me the capability to customize any item for my customers.  The profits from each sale will go to Ruff Life Charities, who will help local families with rescue pets during our tough financial times.

In July 2013, ruff life charities was approved with the IRS!  As we build our charity and expand throughout the U.S. we hope to help many families who find themselves in the same situation I was with Jack in 2008.  I always thought of Ruff Life as an apparel line with a mission and now with the charity we are able to truly "Pay it Forward"!

Our Charity has it's own website which will be posting our events, money raised and stories of the families we are helping.  I love this mission, it's close to my heart and I am sincerely greatful for the friends, family and neighbors who helped me save Jack.  He is turning 6 years old this year, he is still crocked, but there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't make me laugh out loud.  Help me turn this wonderful, life changing story into a mission to help others!

We are in the process of expanding our line of products to include more apparel, jewelry, dog items, and many more quaility products to raise money for our cause.