Best in Glow rechargeable LED necklaces


Our very own private label LED rechargeable safety necklace for those dark morning or evening walks with your dog These collars come with a USB cord and can be charged from your home or car.  They are a 27" around and can be cut with a knife, cutters or scissors cut to fit most dog's neck or can be made into a harness for smaller dogs!  Perfect for walking your dog in the dark, seeing them in the backyard or playing at a dog park.  The charge hold for 10-12 hours then the can charged with all USB charging devices.  They illuminate 360 degrees and have 3 different modes for use.  

For every sale of these collars/necklaces $1 will be donated to Ruff Life Charities our own 501C3 non profit charity for helping other rescue dogs in need of help with Vet bills or other care.  
Please visit our non-profit website at